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Register for MMI Exploration Days & Exam

Thank you for your interest in MMI Preparatory School! 

Please fill out the form below and we will register your student for the upcoming MMI Exploration Day and Entrance Evaluation. MMI requires an entrance evaluation for all students seeking admission to the School. Entrance Evaluations are given on all MMI Exploration Days and may be given by appointment depending upon class availability. The Entrance Evaluation is not pass/fail and is a way for us to determine where a student is in Math and Reading/English. English Language Developers must be level 3 or higher to apply to MMI.

MMI also offers need-based tuition assistance for those who believe they may need assistance paying for an MMI education. Need-based assistance is determined by application through FACTS Grant & Aid which must be completed by your scheduled testing or interview date. 

If you do not wish to RSVP for the event, simply check no and an admissions representative will contact you to provide the information you need.

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